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Zoo Menagerie A Line Skirt

Zoo Menagerie A Line Skirt


Giraffes, Elephants etc in Bright Colours A Line Skirt

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This quirky but fun skirt has been handcrafted from a print fabric featuring Giraffes, Elephants and Rhinos in Pinks, Blues, Lilacs and Greens and toned with a Pink Blossom print Fabric and both are 100% Cotton. 

This skirt is finished with a pink and fuchsia pink braiding sewn where the Animal Print meets the Pink Print adding extra detail to this pretty skirt. 

It pulls in on the waist or the hips for a more flattering fit, with a Pink silky ribbon. 

It is approximately 18” long. 

As it pulls in on the waist by the ribbon then it fits sizes approx 8 to 14. 

Wear it for an occasion or just for casual either way it looks great.